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Author: aitor_czr
To: Rob Owens, Matthew Melton\", Steve Litt, Dng
Subject: Re: [DNG] For all you automounter programmers
Hi all,

On 04/28/2016 09:55 PM, Rob Owens <rowens@???> wrote:
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>> >From: "Matthew Melton"<mjm@???>
>> >A brief aside.
>> >Although not an automounter I remember using bbsmount on blackbox. I can't
>> >remember how to configure it but it sat in the blackbox dock and if I remember
>> >and showed icons for all the drives you wanted to show. A click would mount the
>> >drive and another click would unmount it. I used it for ages , after abandoning
>> >gnome, as an alternative to automounting. I believe it works with other window
>> >managers too, Judging from the man page here
>> >https://manned.org/bbsmount/d797faf8
>> >
>> >I believe it was a blackbox add-onhttp://blackboxwm.sourceforge.net/ but the
>> >add on page is currently showing a 503 service unavailable so can't check.
>> >The code, if it can be obtained, might prove useful as an alternative or
>> >optional addition to a slimline CLI automounter. The idea of which I like the
>> >sound of a lot.
> pcmanfm does this as well, though it relies on udisks2 and that now requires
> systemd (on Debian, anyway). I believe Thunar had very similar functionality.
> spacefm, as some have mentioned here, also has this functionality but it allows
> the use of different backends for performing the mounts. As I recall, the
> choices were pmount, udevil, udisks, udisks2, and possibly others.
> -Rob

Here you are a device manager script for openbox. It's called
obdevicemanager. I took it from the Arch's forum, but currently the link
is broken.


The bad news. It depends on udisks2, i.e. dbus.