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Author: fsmithred
To: dng
Subject: Re: [DNG] For all you automounter programmers
I rewrote the usbpmount script so that it handles sd/mmc and cd/dvd
devices as well as usb. Get usbpmount3.tar.gz from

These are standalone scripts. None of the notification stuff is included,
but they could be made to work with it.

usbpmoun3.sh and usb-unmount use yad or zenity as a graphical frontend to

thumb-pick3.sh is the command-line equivalent.

All of the scripts use hwinfo and pmount. The gui scripts need yad or zenity.

No support for file system labels at this time. If someone can tell me a
reliable way for unprivileged user to get the labels, I'll add it. Feel
free to use these scripts as they are or as motivation to create something


On 04/28/2016 01:52 PM, fsmithred wrote:
> On 04/27/2016 08:28 PM, fsmithred wrote:
>> You could get the label from lsblk, do 'pmount label' and it will be
>> mounted at /media/label. Every time you plug in a thumb drive labeled
>> backup, it'll go to the same place. If you unmount the drive, /media/label
>> will no longer exist, so you could even have the backup script check to
>> make sure it's there.
>> -fsr
> Correction - Only root can get the label from lsblk. User can get the
> label from '/sbin/blkid -s LABEL', but only after root has run blkid at
> least once. Other than that, I've now got a script that will handle the
> labels... sometimes.
> -fsr