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Author: Steve Litt
To: dng
Subject: [DNG] Blackbox: was: For all you automounter programmers
On Thu, 28 Apr 2016 17:21:19 +0100
"Matthew Melton" <mjm@???> wrote:

> A brief aside.
> Although not an automounter I remember using bbsmount on blackbox. I
> can't remember how to configure it but it sat in the blackbox dock
> and if I remember and showed icons for all the drives you wanted to
> show.

Does Blackbox allow you to designate a tiny strip of the screen to be
desktop-only so you can click on it? Also, does Blackbox enable you to
hotkey not only blackbox functions, but also random programs on your
hard disk? Third, does Blackbox offer some sort of list of all windows,
sorted by the workspace they're in, and the ability to click one program
to get to that workspace and have focus on that program?

The preceding paragraph ennumerates the three reasons I use Openbox,
and if Blackbox or Fluxbox also has those three assets, I'll explore


Steve Litt
April 2016 featured book: Rapid Learning for the 21st Century