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Author: Simon Walter
To: dng
Subject: Re: [DNG] Cross distro collaboration (was: Re: What is an init system?)

On 2024-05-17 10:16, Martin Steigerwald wrote:
> Yesterday I wondered about some kind of cross alternate init system
> distribution communication channel like a mailing list of some sort. Not
> sure whether Devuan, Alpine Linux, Void and so on people would be
> interested in that.

Haven't I seen a wiki of sorts somewhere already?

Going down the rabbit hole, I would say that the bigger challenge is an
educational one. This systemd platform is "opinionated" and therefore
rigid. The reason I see my fellow colleagues opting for developing
"opinionated" software, is because it's easier to. In my opinion, that
doesn't make it robust, safer, easy to use, and a host of other traits
that most users want. "If cars were made that way..."

I would say it is just one symptom of some bigger problems. The hubris
needed to ignore past failures and successes is perhaps more prevalent
in the post-modern era.