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Author: Simon Hobson
To: dng
Subject: Re: [DNG] IPv6 slow on one of my Linux hosts
Oops, didn't send to list ...

On 19 November 2023 13:49:04 GMT+00:00, "Michael S. Keller via Dng" <dng@???> wrote:

>Exactly as you described. The last 64 bits were very different, apparently reflecting the different assignment method. Now they incorporate some of the MAC address, where before they didn't.

You shouldn't be seeing the MAC address in an IPv6 address (other than a link-local address, starts with fe80:). EUI-64 assignment method was deprecated a long time ago because of the obvious privacy issues.
The hostID part of the address (normally the lower 64 bits) should be random on anything even vaguely modern.