:: [DNG] Cleaning up unused packages
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Author: Marc Shapiro
To: devuan
Subject: [DNG] Cleaning up unused packages
According to aptitude, I have 443 auto-installed packages that are
unused that it wants to uninstall.  All but 30+ of these are libs and
python packages.

Most of them are probably safe to uninstall, but not all.

I have firefox and thunderbird installed from the mozilla site. I also
have python packages installed with pip/pip3.

How can I tell which auto-installed packages I actually need to mark as
"Manually Installed" so they are not deleted?

Would any of the packages installed by pip3 need any of the lib, or
python packages that aptitude wants to uninstall?  If so, how do I tell
which ones I need to keep?  Or is this not an issue?

Firefox is probably not an issue.  20 of those 443 packages only show up
after I purge firefox-esr, so if I keep them, I should be OK.  Right?

What about thunderbird.  I never installed a Debian/Devuan version of
thunderbird, so I can't use the same method as with firefox?  Is there a
list of required/recommended packages anywhere?