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Author: grarpamp
To: unsystem
Subject: [unSYSTEM] Support Libertarians Run For Pres Argentina Oct 22 2023 - Javier Milei - Bitcoin
Hi Uns :)

Can you help get the word out and support Javier Milei's campaign?

He's a Libertarian AnCap Austrian Economics etc running
for Argentine President Election Oct 22 2023 one month away.


I think this election presents a *huge* critically important
opportunity for Freedom to begin to develop someplace in the world,
and it will help seed Liberty efforts elsewhere in the world by example,
that at least something towards Freedom can in fact be accomplished
in our lifetimes.

Milei and his Liberty party have been getting very little coverage
in even Crypto or Libertarian media.

Can you help to get the word and support out through various channels?

Hope this reaches you in good health and spirits, always.

Thanks :)

ps: I'll try to forward good background links on this,
but you can find his English channels on YouTube before then.

Please search: "javier milei english"