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Author: Quiliro
To: unsystem
Old-Topics: [unSYSTEM] Book Report: Assassination Politics by Jim Bell
Subject: Re: [unSYSTEM] Book Report: Assassination Politics by Jim Bell
I finally came to read Caleb James DeLisle's commentary, thanks to
motivated by the last replies.

I have not read the book. But I do think (as the commentary says) that
secret government will take the place of removing government altogether
... unless, there is a method to provide transparency and equality of
power to all. Transparency itself is a method to provide equality. But
it is not the only one at play. Other sources of inequality must be
quenched. The masses will not even think about this. That is why they
will support the current system structure, even if they are the main
victims. Until then, the power structure will be built by one or

Distribution of power and resources, not their concentration makes fair
political systems. Assassination politics would invariably concentrate
power because most people are not assassins.

Esteban Ordóñez
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