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Author: grarpamp
To: System undo crew
Subject: Re: [unSYSTEM] Support Libertarians Run For Pres Argentina Oct 22 2023 - Javier Milei - Bitcoin
On 9/25/23, Quiliro <kiliro@???> wrote:
> searches freedom

One is free to choose their own economic models,
including leveraging Agorism Crypto etc, so long as
you don't force others to do so.
Same for whatever social models you wish to be
part of with peers who have freely chosen the same.

> Why support such a movement?

Why? Because the world is rapidly trending "globalism"
"one world govt" and "total control 1984" in effect. So you need
a bunch of places out there going in independent directions to
keep free from that. It doesn't matter if those places are your own
preferred forms, what matters is that you're supporting the very
idea that such development and free diversity is itself valid.
That others, including yourselves, are free to do the same.

Do people support "North Korea" or "Venezuela" or "Cuba"
etc as independent experiments, or at least the right of the
peoples and all to self-determine, to secede, or to annex oneself,
to own freehold allodial land, to hold and give your own money, etc.
Or do people cheer for Davos, CN, RU, US, G20, Islam... and
those places, and mass formation psyop "democracy", and so
on, owning all over top of you everywhere.

If someone says "I'm an An-*"... well given that the "An" part
has never been tried anywhere in any flavor or degree, then
it needs a chance, develop, and support. You're already losing
all freedom to the G20 cabal etc, so you have nothing to lose by
doing so. And everything to gain as some of the new variety of
"An's" begin to become much more attractive and free :)

Here are some links if people like to follow part
of the topic in Argentina...



Javier Milei
La Libertad Avanza

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President Milei in English
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