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Author: Lorenz
To: dng
Subject: Re: [DNG] Problems in a Daedalus fresh installation with tasksel -> console productivity
Il giorno dom 7 mag 2023 alle ore 17:07 Alexandros Prekates via Dng <
dng@???> ha scritto:

> Could you please elaborate on how to track down a service that creates
> that problem?

Look at the status of all enabled services with

# sv s /etc/services/*

services that are failed ( status is 'down' but the requested status is
'wanted up') are being continuosly
restarted and if they log to syslog, they can flood it.
In case of dhclient, you can edit the run file
and remove the $INTERFACES variable from the end of the exec line; for a
more elaborate fix look at


In my syslog i just see:
> 2023-05-07T12:16:39.209478+03:00 enous dhclient[21807]: Failed to get
> interface index: No such device
> ....
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