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Author: aitor
To: dng
Subject: Re: [DNG] OT: Wanted: small linux iso with rsync
Hi Joel,

On 22/3/23 9:01, Joel Roth via Dng wrote:
> Hi list,
> Subject line says it all. I'd like a live iso of a small
> utility distribution like dsl. It must be a fairly recent
> kernel and have rsync.
> For example, TinyCore linux website says they're the successor
> of dsl (damn small linux). Cool, but why no rsync?
> After trying several isos and finding none with rsync, I come
> to ask here.
> Thanks in advance,

Did you know Buildroot? It's a collection of scripts that generates tiny images ~10 MiB sized:


According to the official documentation:

"Buildroot is able to generate a cross-compilation toolchain, a root
filesystem, a Linux kernel image and a bootloader for your target.
Buildroot can be used for any combination of these options,
independently (you can for example use an existing cross-compilation
toolchain, and build only your root filesystem with Buildroot)."