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Author: Caleb James DeLisle
To: System undo crew, grarpamp
Subject: Re: [unSYSTEM] Unix + Guns + Crypto + Voluntary = Freedom ?
Our age is marked by decadence and frivolousness, a significant part of "winning the war" is simply
in our own minds reaching a state of honor, diligence and moderation.

Freedom allows both honor and debasement alike. But freedom allows decentralization - and with
decentralization, those marked by decadence and frivolousness are unable to co-opt the productive
effort of those who seek the high road.


On 03/03/2023 07:01, grarpamp wrote:
> "Guns" they say?... are but mere images, a meme magnet opening neurons,
> the real arms are the growing global awakening of minds seeking freedom.
> https://web.archive.org/web/20181026181735/http://thebypassmovement.com/manifesto/
> The Decentralization Manifesto
> https://web.archive.org/web/20181026181735/http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2136547/Power-really-does-corrupt-scientists-claim-addictive-cocaine.html
> The #BYPASS Movement is premised on the belief that Power corrupts,
> and absolute power corrupts absolutely. Therefore, allowing power to
> become concentrated in the hands of the few (Centralized) can only
> lead to tyranny and destruction.
> In recent times, our societies have become dominated by increasingly
> powerful Centralized governments and the provision of goods and
> services monopolized by increasingly powerful Centralized business
> interests.
> These entities frequently collude in order to further consolidate
> their power; a modern phenomenon known as “Corporatism” or “Fascism”.
> This historically unprecedented Centralization of power is directly
> responsible for the historically unprecedented tyranny and destruction
> of the past century.
> However!
> With the advent of the modern internet, a new revolutionary movement
> has emerged; one with the power to render all Centralized institutions
> obsolete and eliminate the threat of tyranny forevermore.
> It is a revolution which enjoys the distinction of being cooperative,
> rather than divisive.
> And one which is fundamentally nonviolent.
> Given that Government Is Centralized Power.
> And given that All Centralized Power Structures Are Corrupt By Design.
> It is proposed that There Are No Political Solutions To Any Of Our Problems.
> And that the only way to achieve and maintain peace, prosperity and
> freedom is to Decentralize Every Single Power Structure In The World
> To The Greatest Degree Possible.
> This can be accomplished by using modern technology to creatively
> apply the principles of Open-Source and Decentralization to all
> aspects of our lives; effecting the creation of new, non-hierarchical
> societies which are sustainable, equitable, and enjoyable for all.
> We must join together, and Become the change we want to see.
> Not beg those in power to create it for us.
> This is the #BYPASS Movement.
> And this website is intended to serve as an ever-evolving portal that
> will promote this philosophy, link to resources, and connect those who
> wish to bring about a peaceful and prosperous future for all humanity.
> Sincerely,
> Gary Lachance
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