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Author: Enrico Weigelt, metux IT consult
To: Antonio Rendina, dng
Subject: Re: [DNG] A warning to EU mirror operators
On 15.02.23 17:39, Antonio Rendina via Dng wrote:

>> Ever heared of "15 minute cities" ?
> I'm not really fond of conspiracy theories, I'm a pragmatic person.

This "conspiracy theory" became true in several british cities.
And the clique behind it wrote their intentions and plans in their
books - eg. Klaus Schwab. They're telling it right into our faces.

Talking about conspiracy theories that came true in recent years:
(and not just talking about China, but the so called "free world")

* massive lockdowns worldwide with excuse of some "health crisis"
* UN/WHO trying to take over nation states (eg. "pandemic treaty")
* people confined in their houses by weapons force - not just in China,
happened in Germany too
* people arrested for not wearing a mask
* mandatory vaxination
* mandatory intrusive "testing" of many millions of perfectly healthy
people, with completely broken tests
* unvaxxed people, and those w/o recent enough booster, locked out of
public life and forbidden to cross borders.
* politicians and media figures openly demanding to put unvaxxed into
concentration camps.
* people gunpointed and threatened to be shot by police troops for
nothing more than having a walk (also happened to myself)
* violent takedown of peaceful reallys
* ruling by emergency order, w/o any actual lawful basis
* court orders for forced vaxintation of holocaust survivors


>> Last year, about the same season, we had been pursued, surrounded and
>> even hit by cops, just for going for a walk. Well, as Merkel used to say
>> "the best Germany of all times".
> It's not correct to pick a subjective experiences and pretend that they
> are general and objective.

Objective events, lots of hard evidene, officially confirmed by UN.
We have TBs of footage for Germany alone.

It doesn't matter whether you hold your eyes and ears closed. This
actually happened. Imensive amounts of hard evidence in wide public.
And we will never forget, never forgive.


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