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Author: John Crisp
To: dng
Subject: Re: [DNG] A warning to EU mirror operators
On Mon, 20 Feb 2023 16:04:25 +0100
"Enrico Weigelt, metux IT consult" <lkml@???> wrote:

> On 15.02.23 17:39, Antonio Rendina via Dng wrote:
> >> Ever heared of "15 minute cities" ?
> >
> > I'm not really fond of conspiracy theories, I'm a pragmatic person.
> >
> This "conspiracy theory" became true in several british cities.

This is complete and utter nonsense but worse, completely off topic.

Please stick to the topic and leave your theories where they belong.
I'm not interested in this guff, and I am sure I am not alone.

Thank you.