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Author: Kenn Thyrsted
To: dng
Subject: Re: [DNG] About the /usr merge
Good, but... Isn't this an "How do you make people buy the big_Cola"

I get that resources may dictate that this is not the hill to die on,
but i fear that relentless potterization will bring "death to linux'
freedom of choice" by "a thousand cuts".

Maybe there should be a list of 'unwanted - but tolerated -
potterisations' with some short description of the annoyance and why it
would be preferable to not having it.

Not for starting any polarisation, or interdistrowar, just as a "why we
are sad to see this option dissapear (too)"-kind of list.


On 2023-01-16 08:18, Steve Litt wrote:
> Yes, I despise the new poettering/freedesktop/redhat order for
> foreclosing on my options, but they've done*a lot* worse to us than
> the /usr merge.