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Author: Curtis Maurand
To: Devuan ML
Subject: Re: [DNG] Bootable thumb must own the usb stick: was Chimaera install problem

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> On Jan 5, 2023, at 6:49 PM, Steve Litt <slitt@???> wrote:
> Curtis Maurand via Dng said on Thu, 5 Jan 2023 16:53:59 -0500
>> I’m not sure how you created the usb stick, but the image doesn’t like
>> being part of a multi boot setup. It has to own the stick. It can’t be
>> in a subfolder, etc.
> Over the last decade I've had nothing but trouble making bootable thumb
> drives, so what you said interests me greatly. I don't understand
> exactly what you're saying in the preceding paragraph. Could you please
> elaborate?

When beowulf came out, I was trying to save myself a little money and tried to add the beowulf installer to a 16GB stick that had a couple of other distros on it. there were rescue distros, disk cloning, etc. I was using Yumi to add the beowulf installer to the collection. It puts the iso in a subfolder then adds it to the grub menu for the boot loader on the stick. It does that with all of the distros on the stick. Each one hoes in a subfolder. The Beowulf installer refused to run from that subfolder. After an hour or two of “WTF is going on,” I ran dd to write the iso image directly to the stick and the installer ran fine.

I hope that helps,