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Author: golinux
To: devuan developers internal list
CC: Jaromil, Boian Bonev
Subject: Re: [devuan-dev] Converting Docker Hub `devuan` account to an organization
On 2022-11-22 20:33, Olaf Meeuwissen wrote:
> Hi Jaromil,
> Jaromil <jaromil@???> writes:
>> On Tue, 22 Nov 2022, Jaromil wrote:
>>> On Wed, 16 Nov 2022, Olaf Meeuwissen wrote:
>>> > On Sat, 12 Now 2022, Boian Bonev wrote:
>>> >
>>> > > Please add Jaromil's (he will provide). I do not have one (yet) but
>>> > > will make and give that to you.
>>> >
>>> > Got the signed and encrypted request to be added from Boian and sent an
>>> > "invite" to become an owner of the `devuan` organization.
>>> >
>>> > Still waiting for Jaromil's request to be added.
>>> hi Olaf! please add me too, my user on docker hub is 'jaromil'
>> whoeps!!! spoke too early, my user is 'jrml'
> I would like to add you but Boian was asked by the Docker folks to add
> a Docker ID with Devuan's "freedom" email address. He added that last
> night (my time, UTC+9) and now our organization has no remaining empty
> seats :-(
> Free Team "subscriptions" get three seats and with Boian and I already
> taking up one, that new ID took up the last one.
> I suggest we wait a bit to see what will happen during the course of
> that Docker-Sponsored Open Source Program application. Maybe we get
> extra seats or that new ID is not counted for being a "system" user or
> something.
> FTR, to add extra seats, Devuan would end up paying USD 9/user/month,
> starting at *five* users. Duh, there is no option for only four ...
> https://www.docker.com/pricing/
> Anyway, if a gratis seat becomes vacant, I (or Boian) will add you.
> # Just a thought, maybe you could use the ID Boian added yesterday
> # instead? Boian, WDYT?
> --
> Olaf Meeuwissen

Olaf . . .

I have been monitoring the freedom@??? email daily for many years
and I'm pretty sure that jaromil has access to it also since he passed
the login info to me some years ago. That is the address that has been
used for those who want to contribute "to the maintenance and growth of
Devuan by providing hardware, services, expertise, funding or media
visibility" since shortly after the fork. It's a little odd that it's
now being tied to the Docker account.