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Author: Joril
To: devuan-dev
Subject: Re: [devuan-dev] advice on replacing kernel on the install media?
On 17/06/22 16:18, dal wrote:
> Hello,
> Searching and reading on Subj unfortunately did not give any usable directions.
> I need a chimaera installer of at least some kind, for various new hardware (amd64).
> The 5.16 kernel from backports works.
> How do you actually produce install media?
> The kernel version would be the only parameter to change,
> but where is a corresponding configuration parameter to be changed?
> Even to plainly recreate an official image, what would be the needed
> arguments to debmirror to prepare the necessary data?

what a coincidence, I'm trying to build a Beowulf installer using a
Chimaera kernel :D (I have to install Beowulf on a HP laptop that
doesn't allow disabling "Rapid Storage Technology"...)
I've not managed to do it yet, but I think the starting point is

I'll report back if I find out more details