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Author: Ludovic Bellière
To: Radisson
CC: dng
Subject: Re: [DNG] starting mysql in background ?
Hello Radisson.

SysVinit (package sysv-rc) should comes with the software `startpar` as
dependency. `startpar` is a means to run processes in parallel, which
may be what you are looking for. Please check the manual: `man 1

The software should be used by default by SysVinit. As others have
noted, it is MySQL's fault for taking so long to start. It should also
be MySQL's duty to defer its heavy duty process.

Without more information as to the nature of your problem, that is why
it takes so long for MySQL to start, there are limited venues for us to
help you.


On Wed, 15 Jun 2022, Radisson via Dng wrote:

>Hello list,
>i would like to start my mysqld 8.0 in background because it takes
>several minutes to start.
>Does someone have a solution ?
> pr