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Author: Ken Dibble
To: dng
Subject: Re: [DNG] starting mysql in background ?
On 6/15/22 03:10, Radisson via Dng wrote:
> Hello list,
> i would like to start my mysqld 8.0 in background because it takes
> several minutes to start.
> Does someone have a solution ?
> re,
>  pr
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I know nothing about mysql and next to nothing about databases.

I found the startup time rather intriguing as Postgres starts nearly

I found this reply to a similiar post on stackexchange.

>I have a large ibdata1 file (20GB) even with file per table activated

>Turned out that mysql scan all the undo looking for uncommitted

>Since I had a very large undo space in the ibdata, I moved to use undo

tablespaces. Setting up the >undo truncate option keeps my undo
tablespace very small.
>Now my db opens in 2-3mn top!

Now, why any database leaves uncommitted transactions around after
shutdown is a question for another time.

Hope this was of some value.