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Author: Rod Rodolico
To: dng
Subject: Re: [DNG] recommendations for filesystem
You did not say what you wanted to do with this. Workstation? Dedicated
file server? That makes a big difference.

For the OS, just ext4, as far as I'm concerned. It is fast and stable,
though there are some tweaks to make it even less resource intensive.

On your long term storage it depends on your needs. Do you need to
create partitions to segregate the data? Do those partition sizes
change? If so, I generally use lvm2, then format the partitions with ext4.

zfs is great (it combines RAID, lvm and does a lot more), but is a
resource hog. I use it quite a bit on dedicated NAS devices, but not on
other machines. I start my NAS machines at 32G of RAM, and generally try
for a minimum of 64G if I am using dedup and compression, with several
cores in the processor. It is also fairly "interesting" on Linux (I
generally build these machines using FreeBSD).

Don't know anything about btrfs, but have heard good things about it.

Bottom line, if you just want a big block of storage with no
compresssion/deduplication/partitioning, ext4 seems to work pretty well.
I have clients with 8T+ of storage running that way.


On 6/2/22 08:30, o1bigtenor via Dng wrote:
> Greetings
> Setting up a 'non-simple' system - - -
> raid 1 arrays - 2 - - used for the operating system
> raid 10 array - 1 - - used for longer term storage
> last iteration I used ext4 for system file(s) (/ IIRC) and then btrfs
> for most everything else (raid-10 array uses ext4 because that's what
> I set it up on and it'll stay that way until the array is replaced - -
> I think.)
> What is the current recommendation(s) for filesystem with the best
> combination of features (they all seem to have some 'issues')?
> ext4 or btrfs or even ZFS (understand that one isn't as high on the
> recommendation pole - - IIRC)
> Please advise
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