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Author: o1bigtenor
To: Devuan ML
Subject: [DNG] recommendations for filesystem

Setting up a 'non-simple' system - - -
raid 1 arrays - 2 - - used for the operating system
raid 10 array - 1 - - used for longer term storage

last iteration I used ext4 for system file(s) (/ IIRC) and then btrfs
for most everything else (raid-10 array uses ext4 because that's what
I set it up on and it'll stay that way until the array is replaced - -
I think.)

What is the current recommendation(s) for filesystem with the best
combination of features (they all seem to have some 'issues')?

ext4 or btrfs or even ZFS (understand that one isn't as high on the
recommendation pole - - IIRC)

Please advise