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Author: onefang
To: devuan-mirrors
Old-Topics: [devuan-mirrors] Making the Devuan package mirrors DNS-RR better.
Subject: Re: [devuan-mirrors] Making the Devuan package mirrors DNS-RR better.
The previous round of making things beater went well.

Just circling around back to this, since I didn't get any response from
some of the mirror admins about it.

On 2022-01-25 02:16:59, onefang wrote:
> For the Updated tests, I'm not exactly sure how long some of the mirrors
> wait between updates. I would really prefer updates every 30 minutes.
> Some are failing coz I just assumed 30 minute updates, but they are on a
> longer schedule. If your mirror has weekly update statistics less than
> 100%, please let me know what your update frequency is. If you are not
> updating every 30 minutes, and you can, please speed that up.

I was just reading through the Chimaera release notes -


And I spotted this -

"All the mirrors contain the full Devuan package repository (all the
Devuan releases and all the suites). They are synced every 30 minutes
from the main Devuan package repository (pkgmaster.devuan.org) and are
continuously checked for sanity, integrity, and consistency. The
package repository network is accessed through a DNS Round-Robin."

So we advertise in the release notes that DNS Round-Robin package mirrors
update every 30 minutes, yet you don't all do that. Some are updated 1,
2, or 3 hours.

Can we fix that please?

If you are not updating every 30 minutes, tell me your actual update
frequency, so I can properly configure my tests. The reason why you
don't might be useful to tell me to.

Thanks everyone.

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