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Author: onefang
To: devuan-mirrors
Subject: Re: [devuan-mirrors] Making the Devuan package mirrors DNS-RR better.
On 2022-01-27 10:58:32, Dimitris wrote:
> Στις 26/1/22 01:51, ο/η onefang έγραψε:
> > Any other mirror admins that wish to be added to this, please send me your
> > country codes you can cover.
> >
> mirror.stinpriza.org is located in DE, but since DE is already "crowded",

As I mentioned in my last email to the list, more mirrors serving each
country is good. Your server is actually in DE, so DE gets added to your
CC list. Mine is in NL, but DE is close enough that I added it to my
list. I can remove DE from yours if you really want to.

> we'd prefer serving southeast europe. CCs :
> AL, BA, BG, HR, CY, GR, MK, ME, RO, RS, SI, PS

I've added those.

> question, do we need web server changes to reflect serving individual CCs?
> or is it all dns?

If Devuan packages is the only thing your web server serves, you can
probably get away with that. Otherwise yes, you need to check which
domain the request is for to direct it to the proper place on your web
server. For my Apache 2 web server I added "ServerAlias *.deb.devuan.org"
to the section that already covered deb.devuan.org.

> we're updating every 30' minutes, but from another ip6 enabled mirror
> (mirror.dotsrc.org), cause pkgmaster.d.o is still ip4 only.

Note that mirror.dotsrc.org tends to be slower than updating every 30
minutes according to apt-panopticon, though they are listed as 30 minutes
update rate. I'd suggest using my mirror sledjhamr.org, it has IPv6, and
is well located for serving Europe.

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