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Author: Steve Litt
To: dng
New-Topics: Re: [DNG] Early Days at Bell Labs - Youtube, the systemd of video
Subject: [DNG] Early Days at Bell Labs
Hi all,

This was discussed on the devuan-offtopic IRC channel, so I watched the


It's Brian Kernighan discussing the formation of Unix, starting from
the back story of the creation of Bell Labs, including predecessors
CTSS and Multics, and C predecessors BCPL which was modified to become
B, and why Dennis Richie added types to B to make C.

This video really hits its stride when Kernighan discusses piping and
redirection, and the ease of creating wonderful things out of small
parts that, and Kernighan used these words, "do one thing and do it

I felt like I was watching a fellow traveller who respected simplicity,
and creating powerful systems from simple tools. It was a much needed
reaffirmation for a guy who, when he's not with his Devuan buddies,
endures countless taunts for not using the pulseaudio-mandated Zoom, or
a Mac, or even Windows. They call me a tinkerer, even though my user
interface has changed not one bit in seven years (Openbox with dmenu
and UMENU2). Kind of ironic considering the changes their beloved Gnome
and KDE have put them through during that time.

This video is such a breath of fresh air in a world worshipping Gates,
Jobs and Poettering. I suggest you watch it. I think it will bring a
smile to your face.


Steve Litt
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