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Author: grarpamp
To: unsystem
Subject: [unSYSTEM] MKULTRA Insanity: CIA Tortured 300+ Orphan Children and Destroyed The Evidence
Mind control of 300, now 3000 GovCorp Pols and Agents found they
could just propagandize censor steer and control 300M+ people via party
ownership of 30 broadcast TV "news", Social Media, BigTech, etc.

Social Media just permabanned FreeSpeech, again,
deletes another major elected sitting politician US Rep MTG.

Lockdowns, Forced Mask, Forced Fines, Forced Loss of Job/Biz,
Forced Quarantine Concentration Camps Constructed and Used,
BioChipVaxPassports, Forced Vax, Passports of Unvaxed are now
being revoked unfree to travel beyond Govts border walls.

Among infinite other insanity in the news since two+ years.

Privacy enabled p2p Cryptocurrency is said to defund insanity.

CIA Experimented On 100s Of Orphans, Torturing Them To Reveal
Psychopathic Traits


According to a new documentary out of Denmark, which interviewed
former victims, the Central Intelligence Agency secretly carried out
experiments on 311 orphaned children. The experiments were meant to
reveal psychopathic traits and map out the link between schizophrenia
and heredity. According to the report, the children were tortured in
clear violation of the Nuremberg Code of 1947 that introduced ethical
restrictions for experiments on humans.

Hundreds of Danish orphans were unknowingly used in experiments backed
by the CIA, according to Danish Radio, reporting on a new documentary
called “The Search for Myself.”

According to the report, the experiments began in the early 1960s and
spanned the course of two decades. They were conducted to investigate
the link between heredity and environment in the development of
schizophrenia. However, the children were not told what research they
were involved in. Not even after the experiments ended. It was also
funded in part by a CIA front associated with the MK-Ultra program.

Eerily, the examinations took place in a basement at the Municipal
Hospital in Copenhagen. The director and producer of the documentary,
Per Wennick, was actually a victim of the CIA and subjected to these
experiments as a child. In the documentary, he recalled being placed
in a chair, getting electrodes put on his arms, legs, and chest around
the heart and having to listen to loud, shrill noises, which attempted
to incite a psychological response.

    “It was very uncomfortable”, Wennick told Danish Radio.

    “And it’s not just my story, it’s the story of many children.”

By his own admission, he was promised “something funny” before being
taken to the hospital.

    “I think this is a violation of my rights as a citizen in this
society. I find it so strange that some people should know more about
me than I myself have been aware of.”

According to historian, PhD, and museum inspector at the Danish
Welfare Museum, Jacob Knage Rasmussen, this was the only known
experiment in Danish history that used children under state care for
research — and it was funded by the CIA in violation of the Nuremberg

    “I do not know of similar attempts, neither in Denmark nor in
Scandinavia. It is appalling information that contradicts the
Nuremberg Code of 1947, which after World War II was to set some
ethical restrictions for experiments on humans. Among other things,
informed consent was introduced, which today is central to the world
of research”, Knage Rasmussen told Danish Radio.

He emphasized the vulnerability of the group in the custody of the
state, who had nobody to complain to.

According to Danish Radio, the idea to experiment on the vulnerable
children came from American psychologist Zarnoff A. Mednick, who was
then a professor at the University of Michigan.

According to Wennick and the National Archives, the research project
was co-financed by the US health service. In the first year alone, the
project was supported with what today corresponds to DKK 4.6 million
($700,000). It also received funding from the Human Ecology Fund.

The Human Ecology Fund was a CIA funded operation through the Cornell
University College of Human Ecology Society for the Investigation of
Human Ecology to support covert research on brainwashing. It was also
connected to research under the MK-Ultra program in which social
scientists, including anthropologists, were led (mostly unwittingly)
to provide input into interrogation techniques still in use today.

Danish psychiatrist Fini Schulsinger dedicated his doctoral
dissertation to the experiments in 1977, titling it, “Studies to shed
light on the connection between heredity and environment in

While researching for the documentary, Per Wennick managed to locate
36 boxes at the Psychiatric Centre Glostrup in Hvidovre that detailed
the CIA’s unscrupulous child experiments. However, when the center got
word of the documentary, they began shredding the documents.

Danish Radio reports that Kent Kristensen, associate professor of
Health Law at the University of Southern Denmark, pointed out that the
shredding of the documents was illegal.

    “I think it’s a huge failure for the former orphanage children who
are interested in the pieces of their own childhood to get a total
story made about their own lives. That possibility is deprived of them
if you shred the research material,” Knage Rasmussen told Danish

Indeed. It also details the CIA’s depravity and violations of the
Nuremberg code. If history is any indicator, however, no one will be
held responsible for exploiting these children and it will be swept
under the rug, likely escaping any scrutiny by the mainstream media.