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Author: grarpamp
To: System undo crew
Subject: Re: [unSYSTEM] A mysterious threat actor is running hundreds of malicious Tor relays
On 12/4/21, psy <epsylon@???> wrote:
> Since at least 2017, a mysterious threat actor has run thousands of
> malicious servers in entry, middle, and exit positions of the Tor
> network in what a security researcher has described as an attempt to
> deanonymize Tor users.
> https://therecord.media/a-mysterious-threat-actor-is-running-hundreds-of-malicious-tor-relays/

Yes, it is true that Tor is subject to rampant node infestation and
has been since decades... Tor Project even hired a CIA agent,
and a wife of another agent, and military contractors, and more.
People in that article are not first to find or speak of mass bad
nodes, but Tor Project has liked to bury it. What is also true about
Tor Project Incorporated, is that when people bring up the fact of
Sybil and Traffic Analysis attacks on tor, bring that and many other
problems with the Tor Project up in any of their public fora, the
Tor Project and its staff people all freespeech hypocrites repeatedly
CENSOR and prevent tor users from seeing that free speech, they
kick you out of their little project, etc. Tor has literally in their own
action item words "bricked up" their fora. Very much is wrong
with Tor Project $ince years now. Latest was false advertising
defrauding NFT buyer of $2M. It's long past due, not just to be
forked away from all that mess, but for entirely new projects to
startup from new people, develop new overlay networks with
active fulltime anti-TA chaff in the base layer, WoT's and other
anti-Sybil mechanisms, etc. All which can see by search the
famously quote... "Tor Stinks -- NSA".

Un the system.