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Author: Didier Kryn
To: dng
Subject: Re: [DNG] Devuan with usr merge?
Le 09/11/2021 à 07:56, Steve Litt a écrit :
> The logic is still the same. I need a guaranteed place on the root
> partition to find the programs necessary to mount all the other
> partitions, or else I'll need to run an initramfs.

    You just need that the root partition be large enough to contain all
of /bin, /sbin, /lib, with includes all applications which were in
/usr/bin and /usr/sbin before the merge. This is below 400MB in a basic
Devuan desktop.

    However many of the applications moved from /usr/bin to /bin are
dynamically linked with shared libraries in /usr/lib. Is that part of
the merge? That would be the biggest part. 2.8G on by Chimaera laptop.

    That said, I agree that there is some confusion in mixing all
applications in the same directory, but, in my mind, it is mostly the
question of a sensible organization.

--    Didier