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Author: Alexis PM
To: dng
Subject: Re: [DNG] Devuan with usr merge?
>> On 11/5/21 4:13 PM, Svante Signell via Dng wrote:
>>> On Fri, 2021-11-05 at 18:50 +0000, Alexis PM via Dng wrote:
>>>> Debian 11 Bullseye is the last Debian release that supports the
>>>> non-
>>>> merged-usr layout. It is therefore foreseeable that Devuan 4
>>>> Chimaera
>>>> will also be.
>>> I'm not so sure Devuan has to follow Debian with respect to merged-
>>> /usr. In my opinion it is more a policy decision to make for the
>>> project. It is up to discussion though though.
>>> Comments/arguments/opinions are very welcomed.

In my previous post I merely quoted Debian's official position.

I am not enthusiastic about the change of directory organization/layout, but unlike systemd or wayland, I see no real major problems (except unusual configurations, adapting some legacy code that calls binaries and libraries by their absolute path) and considering the big work that Devuan would imply to revert the adoption of usr-merge by Debian (in the next stables, more in testing, more in sid/ceres) I really prefer Devuan to dedicate its limited resources to offer an operating system that is clean of systemd, without forced dependencies (by window managers, desktops, web browsers and so on) of wayland, pulseaudio and "Poetterings", and as bug free as possible.

Best regards.