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Author: Bernard Rosset
To: devuan-dev
Subject: Re: [devuan-dev] using gitea
> If in doubt, a good approach is to push your work an a new branch named
> "wip/$something" and then it can be reviewed and discussed with less
> confusion with respect to the all-agreed-upon stuff.

I usually follow the approach in which any user's work stands in his own
location (ie his own fork), and submitting to a project's existing
branches through PR.
This avoid zillions of "WiP", "feat/" "dev/", "lol/", etc. branches,
with a cardinality = projects * features * users.

Documentation should teach any contributor where to submit their PR. By
default, it usually is master, unless stated otherwise: here at Devuan
it would be new-beta (time for a change, trashing the old beta if it
still exists?).

This is the process I followed the couple of times I offered some changes.
Bernard (Beer) Rosset