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Author: Ralph Ronnquist
To: devuan-dev
Subject: Re: [devuan-dev] using gitea
We have been using the WOM method where confidence is the guide.

I'd say the only restriction regarding workflow is that the "new-beta"
branch HEAD of the devuan/www.devuan.org project gets published onto
https://beta.devuan.org every minute, and if its PUBLISH file is
updated, then that current setup gets published to

Other than that we share work willy-nilly ... i.e. via the operations
processes established by the main contributor(s) for each project. Of
course package fork projects need special care.

If in doubt, a good approach is to push your work an a new branch named
"wip/$something" and then it can be reviewed and discussed with less
confusion with respect to the all-agreed-upon stuff.



On Mon, 16 Aug 2021 19:35:34 -0400
Hendrik Boom <hendrik@???> wrote:

> Is there introductory documentation somewhere for the user
> of a gitea site?
> gitea's own site contains instructions for the system
> administrator, but not for the user. (unless I've missed it)
> And what policies are there within the devuan developers
> group?
> SHould I just go ahead and edit stuff in the documentation
> section?
> Is there some policy of reviewing changes?
> It's not entirely clear how I should proceed with things like
> pulling and pushing changes.
> -- hendrik
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