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Author: Josef Grosch
To: dng
Subject: Re: [DNG] Starting outline for the DNG Safe Programmer Certificate
On 7/28/21 2:02 PM, tito via Dng wrote:

[ DELETED for brevity ]
> That's bad... I love global variables ;-( as they avoid shuffling around parameters in functions (KISS?)

Global variables are a disaster looking for a place to happen, avoid at
all cost. The scope of variables should be as small as possible.

OK, this is my private little hell but I am going to share. I dislike
long parameter list when calling a method. You have to remember the 
order and the type. I prefer to pass in a struct / hash / class object /
associated array / dictionary / {whatever}. it makes things cleaner.
Depending on the language I prefer to pass the {whatever} in by
reference instead of pass by value.

Another suggestion I have is to use the variable and method naming
convention that java uses. I like the way it looks and I think camel
case is more readable than snake case.


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