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Author: Enrico Weigelt, metux IT consult
To: dng
Old-Topics: Re: [DNG] FSF and human rights
Subject: [DNG] Collaboration between distros [WAS: FSF and human rights]
On 27.03.21 18:07, tito via Dng wrote:

> There is also PcLinuxOS even if rpm based but they have the full stack
> systemd free and could be a source of code for devuan as they already
> solved somehow most of the problems. Systemd free distros should
> pool their efforts to avoid duplication and to gain critical mass.

I'd like to put that onto a broader level: IMHO most of the work to do
for distros is about QM (testing, patching, bugfixing) - we should try
to consolidate that work, independent of individual distros and their

For decades, whenever I package something for some distro, I try to
do most of the work in a distro agnostic way. (used to have my own
project, called "oss-qm", which collects patches ontop of upstream
releases to make up QM'ed branches - unfortunately no distro really
showed any interest in that).

In essenence, I'm proposing fixing up packages (and individual releases)
up to a point where the actual distro-packaging is pretty much trivial.
For *most* SW out there we could even invent some universal packaging
metadata format, that could be automatically transformed into dist-
specific build files. Of course, that only works just *mostly*, since
there're still many exceptions. Dh (and its various helpers) is already
a great step into that direction, but we could go some steps further
and make it useful for completely unrelated distros and even more tricky
cases like crosscompiling and tiny embedded scenarios.


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