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Author: Martin Steigerwald
To: dng
Subject: Re: [DNG] ..are we|Devuan safe from this systemd backdoor malware, taking our kernels from Debian?
Olaf Meeuwissen - 05.05.21, 12:04:10 CEST:
> No libsystemd0 on my beowulf machine but I did find it on a chimaera
> system I installed just a few days ago (using the alpha installer).
> Curiousity peaked, I hunted it down and it turns out that my console
> only chimaera system installed it to satisfy Depends: for rsyslog,
> lvm2 and liblvm2cmd2.03. The latter two depend on libsystemd0 (>=
> 222).
> But wait a sec! I've got lvm2 installed on my beowulf system too and
> there's no libsystemd0 to be found there! What gives?
> Turns out that libelogind0 is installed there and that happens to
> sport a Provides: libsystemd0 (= 241.4). On chimaera the versioned
> dependency equals 246.10 (as of writing).
> So people trying to get rid of the libsystemd0 package might try
> apt install libelogind0 libsystemd0-
> but IIRC (and I'm relying on *very* vague memory here!) not all
> desktop environments will work with that. FWIW, my beowulf machine
> is running fine with Xfce.

Exactly that. I am using elogind with KDE's Plasma.

On Devuan Ceres with LVM 2. No libsystemd.