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Author: Hendrik Boom
To: dng
Old-Topics: Re: [DNG] connection manager as dns resolver?
Subject: [DNG] connection manager as failing dns resolver?
On Mon, Apr 26, 2021 at 12:53:53PM -0700, Rick Moen wrote:
> Quoting Hendrik Boom (hendrik@???):
> > Looks as if the connection manager is taking over dns.
> >
> > Who knew? And whom does it talk to? Does it contain its own recursive
> > DNS resolver? Or does it just pick up on the DHCP signals it gets from
> > elsewhere and take over?
> connman (which I don't use, and have only read about) does _not_ appear
> to include a recursive nameserver.
> https://launchpad.net/connman
> The data you've posted so far that I've read in this thread (but I
> haven't caught up with the full thread, yet) seem bizarre, in suggesting
> that connman itself is hogging port 53 on localhost -- which would
> definitely mean either it's handling any recursive requests or nothing
> is.
> I'd have been extremely surprised if any connection management utility
> had an integral recursive nameserver. The latter are complicated
> projects, which is why there have been relatively few successful ones.

It would surprise me, too.

My guess is that it gets the DHCP information and does nothing but
relay DNS requests to the DHCP-indicated nameserver.

The problem I'm having is that sometimes the network anager seems to fail
in some unclear fashion, and when it does so, even if it manages to
re-establish connexions to the rest of the world, even through the same
server, it doesn't always seem to be able to do name resolution afterward.
So DNS requests fail.

It might re-establish taht connection through a different hardware
device on the laptop, by the way, such as switching between wired
and wifi. Although all these connections lead to the same server
with the same IP number.

To keep tings running, I hand-edit /etc/resolv.conf to point to an
easily remembered nameserver, such as

Of course that's clobbered next time I boot then machine.

So I'm wondering -- can I stop the connectino manager from being
obnoxious, or if I replace it, what to I replace it with?

-- hendrik

P.S. I seem to emember having a diffrent program setting up
connections long ago on another machine. Might it have been
called network manager? What such tools are available?

If it weren't a single-user-at-a-time personal computer,
having network setup be a user instead of system responsibility
would be stupid. As it is, when I boot up in a strange place
I might like some control as to what to connect to, so this
stupid policy works out OK.

-- hendrik