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Author: aw
To: dng
Subject: Re: [DNG] strange mutt pauses
In article <20210414224738.inwlh5i3ho3iuz2v@???>,
Hendrik Boom <hendrik@???> wrote:
>On Thu, Apr 15, 2021 at 05:40:25AM +1000, onefang wrote:
>> On 2021-04-14 17:49:45, dng@??? wrote:
>> > On 14-04-2021 16:19, Hendrik Boom wrote:
>> I use fetchmail to gather emails from my various email providers, that
>> dumps them into my local IMAP server.
>> I suspect the difference was the computers, not the version of neomutt.
>> Or it could just be if the check of IMAP stumbles across the fetchmail
>> process updating the IMAP folders. Or perhaps this later version mostly
>> fixed that pause. Maybe some combination of the three.
>I do not use IMAP. postfix just puts everything in to my mbox of incoming
>Anyone know how synchronisation between mutt and postfix works? I presume
>it's only needed when exiting mutt and it rewrites the file... or is the
>mechanism something different?

Usually and with maildir there is not much synchronization: postfix drops
the mail into the filesystem, and mutt sooner or later finds out that there
is new mail.

Everything else is just Unix (or the more modern variations of it), these
days I would suppose mutt is using dnotify to find out that the directory
has changed instead of just polling.

In case of mbox file locking is used so that not two programs write to the
mbox file at the same time or read it while it is written - file locking
is a bit of black magic under Unix (flock/lockf/dotlock - and the
interworkings in case of remote filesystems). If you need to know more an
can not just move to Maildir ask me, I might elaborate.


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