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Author: onefang
To: dng
Subject: Re: [DNG] strange mutt pauses
On 2021-04-14 17:49:45, dng@??? wrote:
> On 14-04-2021 16:19, Hendrik Boom wrote:
> > I have an unreliable connection between my server and the rest of the
> > world.
> > Yes, I'm going to have to deal with that; it's not what I'm asking about.
> >
> > I have a reliable wired connection from my laptop to my server.
> > And I run mutt on my server, connecting to it by ssh.
> >
> > What puzzles me is that every now and then, communication from my laptop to
> > mutt mysteriously pauses. After a while, it resumes.
> >
> > Using a separate ssh connection to root on the server (which I use to
> > monitor my unreliable connectino to the rest of the world), I've noticed:
> >
> > That separate ssh connection stays up when mutt blocks. But using
> > ifconfig on that separate ssh connection tells me that pppoe connection to
> > the rest of the world is off when mutt blocks.
> >
> > Why does mutt block, not even letting me type into the editor for an email
> > I plan to send, when the ppp connection is down? What does mutt have to do
> > with an internet connection? Isn't that postfix/s job?
> >
> > -- hendrik
> Most likely it does do a domain name lookup which times out by lack of a
> ppp connection.

I've been using neomutt. On ASCII it was renamed to mutt, on Beowulf
they named it back to neomutt, and the mutt package is actual mutt. I
dunno which one you are using.

ASCII was on my old desktop, and Beowulf is on my new super desktop. I
use a local IMAP server running on the same computer in each case. The
ASCII version on the old computer would do that sort of mysterious pause
where all you can do is wait for it to unpause. The Beowulf version on
the new computer does that rarely. It was very annoying under ASCII, not
so much under Beowulf.

I use fetchmail to gather emails from my various email providers, that
dumps them into my local IMAP server.

I suspect the difference was the computers, not the version of neomutt.
Or it could just be if the check of IMAP stumbles across the fetchmail
process updating the IMAP folders. Or perhaps this later version mostly
fixed that pause. Maybe some combination of the three.

The Beowulf version does have a problem with showing the O old email
marker as N new email (a known bug). Which is even more annoying. I'm
considering installing ASCII in a VM on this new super desktop, and
running the ASCII version in it. If I do that, I might find out if the
pause gets worse.

(For reference, old computer was an 11 year old AMD system with 8 GB of
RAM, new super desktop is an AMD Threadripper with 256 GB of RAM.)

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