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Author: Alessandro Vesely
To: dng
Subject: Re: [DNG] Advice to migrate from Beowulf to Chimaera
On Tue 20/Apr/2021 16:03:59 +0200 Bernard Rosset via Dng wrote:
>> find /usr/bin -atime +360 | xargs -l1 apt-file find | sort
> I would suggest dpkg -S instead of apt-file find, which matches prefix, not
> exact file. I would also filter on the package name and ensure unicity. Also,
> never log in as root.
> Here would me my quick & dirty take at your command chain:
> find /usr/bin -atime +360 | xargs -l1 sudo dpkg -S | awk -F ':' '{print $1}' | sort | uniq

Nice command. If found some 76 packages, including, for example, gcc-4.8, setcd, wmtime...

Thanks to all also for the apt- and debfoster- based methods. They need more thought.

On the dark side, something bad happened during the upgrade, which I only realized later:

*pulseaudio* was surreptitiously installed. Beowulf worked well without it, and Chimaera also worked well as soon as I removed it.

*python* was not installed at all. How come?