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Author: Joril
To: dng
Subject: Re: [DNG] update a virtual pc with chimaera
On 21/04/21 20:46, Ismael L. Donis Garcia wrote:
> I try to update a virtual pc with chimaera and it gives me the following
> error:
> W: Fallo al obtener
> File has unexpected size (384048 != 395632). Mirror sync in progress?
> [IP: 80]
> Hashes of expected file:
>  - SHA256:a1a83af8cbd854af887b72ad196b1f4af58387815e21ced1000253a116a46e2a
>  - MD5Sum:ad23a28085ea694f6677b80baca3ff34 [weak]
>  - Filesize:395632 [weak]
> The mirror is recently updated

Maybe your mirror mirrored a "sync-in-progress" mirror? Have you tried
updating your mirror again?