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Author: Chris Richmond
To: dng
Subject: Re: [DNG] minor panic with host reboot
Subject: Re: [DNG] minor panic with host reboot
Message-ID: <20210401214305.2506bff4@devuan>

>just out of curiosity do you have more than one disk in the box or maybe a raid setup?

No, actually, it's a very small, fan-less Shuttle thing with a single 120G SSD, and it looks like a
single partition. It *is* booting via UEFI, btw.

I found the recent thread related to this, and tried a couple of debug things, like rebooting, which
got me the grub menu again. 'set' prints more lines than I could see, but at least prefix and root
looked correct. The same 'exit, select kernel' got the system booted. I also found the grub wiki
article and the main grub documentation, but couldn't divine anything helpful from all that. The
basic message when you get the grub menu is that grub can't find it's files. OK, but exiting the
cmd prompt certain does, so either it's been broken since the last update, or there's some race
condition causing the miss.

I've got this:
root@router1:/boot# ls -l efi/EFI/
BOOT/ devuan/ ubuntu/
and: efi/EFI/devuan/grubx64.efi
so it doesn't seem like the issue with the hardcoded path in grub.signed (don't have that anyway).

I checked over the system logs once it was booted and nothing stood out as an issue, but two things
that aren't working on boot is the few NFS mounts and starting iptables. For me, I've got rsyslogd logging
one stream to an NFS path, and when that's broken, rsyslog goes out of control and consumes all
memory. That's a sidetrack, but the point is the system isn't my idea of stable at the moment. Running
mount -all and iptables-restore manually gets things back in order.