:: [DNG] minor panic with host reboot
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Author: crichmon
To: dng
Subject: [DNG] minor panic with host reboot
I've had a router/misc./etc. running ASCII for a couple of years, and today
I inadvertently rebooted it
because I wasn't playing attention to which host an xterm was logged into.
Normally that wouldn't
be a problem, but what happened is that I ended up with a grub minimal
command prompt.
I've no idea why, and what ended up getting my up again was simply exiting
the prompt and I
got a list of kernels to boot, so I picked the latest and more-or-less I'm
back in business.

My question is; How did I end up where auto-boot didn't work?

I've been very reluctant to update/upgrade precisely because of this sort of
Since this box is the main router for the whole house, when it's down,
everything is down.
I've rebooted in the past without issues, and I don't think I've done
anything to cause this,
but who knows. Any requests for more details or suggestions are welcome.

Thx, Chris