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Author: Fred
To: dng
Old-Topics: Re: [DNG] How to adjust mouse characteristics?
Subject: Re: [DNG] How to adjust mouse characteristics? SOLVED
On 2/4/21 11:20 PM, terryc wrote:
> On Thu, 4 Feb 2021 17:28:41 -0700
> Fred <fred@???> wrote:
>> Hello,
>> Devuan Beowulf AMD64
>> Is there a configuration file somewhere that allows adjustment of
>> mouse resolution and acceleration? Gpm is not installed by default
>> and I haven't been able to find anything (USB) mouse related.
> Using Xfce4 under Applications -> Settings -> Mouse and trackpad
> are all the mouse setings.
> Otherwise on my Beowulf installation there are 462 files to do with
> "mouse" covering its use in various programs. The few looked at didn't
> seem to be text config files.
> Since i do almost all my work in xterms or a gui, that covers my
> needs.
> Perhaps if you explained your need exactly, someone may be able to
> assist.
> FWIW, my biggest problem with mice is finding one that
> fits my hand comfortably and I've never found a solution by spending
> $$$. Weirdly, since the days of mouse port cars. basic 'microsoft' mice
> have always worked best. YMMV.
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The problem was that the mouse was way too sensitive, meaning the
pointer would go too far for a small mouse movement.

xset q showed the mouse settings to be the same as another computer
running Beowulf i386 so the problem was the mouse itself. I didn't like
that mouse anyway so I bought a $6.88 mouse from Walmart. It works fine
with the default settings and I now know how to change them if needed.

Thanks for the help.

Best regards,