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Author: Rick Moen
To: dng
Subject: Re: [DNG] Synaptics Touchpad Fn+F9
Quoting Steve Litt (slitt@???):

> > as you replied off-list and I don't know of any better way, I bring
> > the issue back to the list: Perhaps someone has a hint on resetting
> > the device, if you'd reveal its make and model?
> >
> > Another idea out of thin air: Did you remove the CMOS battery - or
> > does the notebook provide a button (or pins) to reset the bios
> > password?
> >
> > libre Grüße,
> > Florian
> >
> The following shellscript, called touchtoggle.sh, should do what you
> need.
> ======================================================
> #!/bin/sh
> # touchtoggle.sh Copyright (C) 2019 by Steve Litt
> # All rights reserved.
> # Licensed via the
> # Expat license: https://directory.fsf.org/wiki/License:Expat


It's a useful script, and thanks -- but I suggest you immediately
add a second line below that 'Licensed via the Expat license' one:

# Expat license's requirement to include permission notice text is waived.

Otherwise, anyone seeking to redistribute your script is committing the
tort of copyright violation unless he/she provides with it a copy of
the ~20 lines of Expat License text. I'm pretty sure you were not
meaning to impose such a legal obligation on redistributors.

BTW, it's some weird FSF fetish to refer to it as "Expat License".
Everyone else on planet Earth (including OSI:
https://opensource.org/licenses/MIT) refers to it as MIT License.

To be tiresomely pedantic, what you used is the commendably minimalist
form of MIT's licence that it issued for the Expat graphics library.
MIT's slightly longer wording issued attached to the X Consortium
software and used (e.g.) for X.org code to this day differs only in
having a sentence prohibiting users from mentioning X Consortium in
advertising or promotion without written permission, and one stating
that "X Window System" is a trademark of X Consortium, Inc. There is no
_functional_ difference.