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Author: Florian Zieboll
To: dng@lists.dyne.org
Subject: Re: [DNG] Synaptics Touchpad Fn+F9
Am 4. Februar 2021 18:15:06 MEZ schrieb g4sra via Dng <dng@???>:
> Does anyone know how to re-enable a Synaptics Touchpad in Linux after it has been turned off in Windows using Fn+F9 ?

If this key combo really changed something "in hardware", i assume that a "hard reset" of the notebook(?!) should solve the issue...

Usually, this is accomplished by removing all power sources and periphery, and then holding down the power button for 15-20 seconds. The idea is to remove any stored electricity (from ac adapter, battery, capacitors) to clear all non-persistent storage.

Your devices miles may vary, the manual should mention it.

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