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Author: fsmithred
To: dng
Subject: Re: [DNG] install in private partition scheme ?
On 2/3/21 4:43 PM, Radisson via Dng wrote:
> Am 03.02.21 um 02:59 schrieb fsmithred via Dng:
>> You can have a separate /home or /boot, but if you want to  re-use an old
>> /home partition, you must do that manually after the install.
> I would like to setup a server, with separate /var and raid and so on. The
> box i use for testing is clean, no need to be careful.
> What is the recomended way to create a complex setup and install ?
> It seems that the way via USB stick is not the right idea.

The usb stick is not the problem. The live installer won't do what you
want. Use one of the installer isos - netinstall or server iso are best
choices for what you want, but even the desktop dvd will do it.