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Author: Marc Shapiro
To: dng
Subject: [DNG] (Almost) no sound under Beowulf
I have been running Debian for over 20 years, but I want to avoid
systemd, so I am trying out Devuan.

I installed ASCII a last year and just did an upgrade to Beowulf about a
week ago.  My goal now is to get Beowulf to run close enough to my
Debian Stretch system that my wife and daughter can't tell the
difference.  I mount the same partition on home for both Debian and
Devuan, so that keeps the local configs the same.

The issue that I am having is with sound.  My daughter reported that it
was not working.  I tried playing a video (in Firefox) from my login and
also got no sound.

I have since determined that pulseaudio was not running (it is
installed).  So I started the pulseaudio daemon under my login, started
up Firefox and played a video.  Sound.  Yay!  I logged into my
daughter's account and started the pulseaudio daemon, started Firefox
and played a video.  No sound.  Boo!

The I started pavucontrol under both logins.  My login shows the 'Built
in Analog Stereo' output device, and its monitor for input.  My
daughter's login shows a 'Dummy' output device and its monitor for
input.  under my wife's login, it shows the same 'Dummy' devices as my
daughter's login .

1) If anyone can tell me how to get pulseaudio to see my built-in audio
for all three logins, it would be greatly appreciated.

2) How do I get pulseaudio to run for each user when they log into the

3) The 'play' utility from the sox package gives an error whenever I try
to play an mp3 file.  Using 'aplay' to play .wav files works fine.  What
do I need to do to play mp3s from the commandline?

(NOTE: I boot to console only.  Each user switches to a different VT and
runs startx from there.)

Thanks for any help.