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Author: Frank Streitz
To: dng
Subject: Re: [DNG] After 10m the sceen is dark

Am 30.08.20 um 11:24 wrote Ludovic Bellière:
> First thing that comes to mind is that your screen saver isn't hindered
> and triggers because no user action has taken place.

My screen saver isn't the problem. I configured it to 2 Hours.

> For mplayer, you can create a .mplayer/config file and insert the
> following line in it :

I use VLC and here is the screen after 10 minutes dark. I think it has
something to do with the energy configuration. But I found no place
where I can configure this in mate.

If I use a stream in chrome the screen doesn't become dark but if I use
a stream in Firefox the screen becomes dark after 10 minutes.

So does somebody know where I can configure that? At the Control center
I can only configure the screensaver but not the energy of the screen
like I can do it with KDE.

Of course I tried it with a search engine to solve my problem. But I
found nothing about mate. The most results came for Ubuntu or Android.

Greetings Frank