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Author: Joril
To: dng
Subject: Re: [DNG] LightDM password expired localization
On 25/08/20 19:40, Adam Borowski wrote:
>> I'm testing out what happens on Beowulf when a user password expires. The
>> process isn't very user-friendly, but the biggest problem is that not all
>> the messages from the UI are localized (the machine will be used by
>> non-technical people).
>> Even though the rest of the UI gets shown in my language, here's what I'm
>> seeing when my password expires:
>> 1) I type the current (old) password
>> 2) The message "Changing password for (user)" appears
>> 3) I retype the old password
>> 4) "New password" appears and I type it
>> 6) "Retype new password" appears
>> I'm using LightDM with the GTK greeter.
>> Any hint on what I could try to change those messages?
> I've searched for them, and it appears the messages come not from lightdm
> but from pam. And indeed, you can find them in the pam package, /po/
> directory. So you'd need to fill in missing translation strings for your
> language -- and rebuild pam.

I checked inside /usr/share/locale/*/LC_MESSAGES but the translated
strings for my language ARE there, inside Linux-PAM.po and shadow.po too...
I noticed that if I try to login from a tty console the messages there
are in english too, so maybe while at the login stage the system doesn't
use /etc/default/locale at all?