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Author: natacha
To: Bricolabs
Subject: [Bricolabs] /run
Dear Bricos,

Maybe some of you are motivated to /run, here is what we propose:



In order to overcome the astonishment of the innumerable event
cancelations, les petites singularités propose /run to *Resist Uniform
Normality* as an offer to share the different activities we feel
acquainted to, participate and organize in our diverse singular spaces,
from July 15 to December 15, 2020.

Let's meet in small local groups to collectively heal from the trauma of
this Carceral Spring, and relay these decentralized /run events on the
Let's understand together the ways in which we can collectively
organize, each in our own ways, to face this unprecedented onslaught on
our living-together.

/run offers a series of online spaces on the Fediverse to share our
images, sounds, videos, and/or texts from local initiatives and groups
that keep up in our different physical spaces.

The forum (https://thx.zoethical.org/c/run) also works as a mailing list
(run@???) and is here to coordinate actions and discuss the
proposition itself: do not hesitate to post your questions, opinions,
challenges, needs, critiques and refutations or support and love beams.

On the Fediverse:
- Audio: [@run:open.audio](https://open.audio/@run)
- Chat:
- Pictures: [@run:pix.public.cat](https://pix.public.cat/run)
- Video: [@run:peetube.public.cat](https://peertube.public.cat/@run)

Who participates in an organizer.

Organize local gatherings. Connect at noon or on Saturday afternoon
(your timezone.) If you'd like to connect with us, please let us know
the day before so we can arrange a moment with you.

Announce your events at /run venues, or setup your own (and follow us so
we can follow back) using the /run logo (or a derivative) from
https://thx.zoethical.org/assets/img/run-logo.svg and we'll relay your
announcements. Please reciprocate.

The Fediverse forms a welcoming public collaborative social media space
where independent communities can share contents submitted by
participants everywhere through specifically designed protocols. Using
such technologies enables independent voices to mix and match out of the
coercive control of major advertising, media, and mass-surveillance
corporations, on their own terms.

We expressly forbid contents such as: spam, pornography without NSFW
tag, hate speech, racism, sexism, consumerism, corporatism, and
nationalism, on petites singularités (and /run) venues, and encourage
focusing on small singularities and their self-determined construction.

[^1]: for an introduction to the Fediverse, see


You will not find me on corporate centralized social media,
try Mastodon natacha@???

    petites singularités