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Author: Pavel Machek
To: Merlijn Wajer
CC: Tony Lindgren, maemo-leste, nekit1000, mpartap, sre, martin_rysavy, Ivaylo Dimitrov, Arthur D.
Subject: Re: [maemo-leste] Grand plan to get make phones... phone (for Motorola Droid 4)

> >> Seems like Pavel has the signal stuff mostly parsed already, so there's
> >> probably no need to even pass it to the qmimodem eventually :)
> >
> > I got signal strength, LAC and CID. I don't have operator name (etc)
> > at the moment.
> Operator name would be useful, for UI purposes.

Ok, lets prioritize. SIM card needs to be "present", first...

> >>>> I will add this ofono to the -devel repo today, since it's easy to build
> >>>> for me. Happy to try to build Pavel's ofono too, if you think the repos
> >>>> diverge significantly (it's not quite clear to me at this point).
> >>
> >> Yeah that should allow you to work on the GUI stuff for basic features
> >> and then Pavel and I can continue working on getting more complete
> >> motorolamodem support in place.
> From a feature perspective, a basic Sim Manager would be very helpful
> for me. All the Maemo code relies on knowing is the SIM is there or not,
> so currently, while the modem works fine, the UI just tells me "no sim",
> and doesn't render signal strength or anything else.

I added (pretty fake) SIM manager that says yes, we have sim card. I
pushed the code to mux-v1.31-5 branch.

But I'm not sure how to test it; is there ofono/test/* I should try to
get working?

> Another feature, which perhaps might not be too much work, is using
> qmimodem for data connection contexts. Tony already had that in his
> ofono, so maybe it's not too hard to plug that in... I don't know. Maybe
> the SimManager can also come from qmimodem for now, but I'm a little
> reluctant to suggest that given some of the trouble we've had with it
> earlier not reporting any status updates - but it worked for the SIM
> card before, so maybe it's fine...

Okay, qmi is for later. It really... makes things more interesting.

> I ended up executing this to disable strength notifications every few
> seconds (we'll probably only want to do that when the screen is off.):
> printf "U9999AT+SCRN=0\r" > /dev/gsmtty1

Yup, that one is annoying. You can comment it out in plugins/motmdm.c.

> And this to enter low power mode:
> qmicli -d /dev/cdc-wdm0 --dms-set-operating-mode=low-power
> qmicli -d /dev/cdc-wdm0 --dms-set-operating-mode=online
> Now it's online, receives SMS instantly, and uses about 60-70mW in idle.
> That's to me at the point where I can just carry it around and not worry
> about having to plug it in often.

Aha, thanks for hints, will take a look!

> My next steps will be:
> 1. Looking to see if this all gets through to telepathy.
> 2. Try to call using telepathy.
> 3. Probably see what's needed to have mce vibrate, unlock the screen and
> make sound when being called, or when a SMS is received.
> 4. Look at (basic) phone and sms UI.

Ok, good luck!

> Then there's still the issue of sound profiles, but I think with a
> combination of alsa UCM (to make life easier) and pulseaudio we should
> be able to get there without too much pain.

You may want to start with alsamixer by hand, to verify basics work
for you. Alternatively there are configs in
unicsy_demo/audio/motorola-xt894 .

Best regards,

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